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CISE - Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio di Forlì‐Cesena (IT, Emilia Romagna) –Lead Partner

CISE – Centro per l’Innovazione e lo Sviluppo Economico (Innovation and Economic Development Centre) is the agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena, Emilia Romagna region, Italy.

CISE was founded by the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena in 1996 to promote local economic development focusing on innovation as a main driver.

Present areas of activity are sustainable development and green economy technologies, corporate social responsibility and responsible innovation, open-source IT technologies, support to innovative ideas.

CISE operates through awareness-raising actions, pilot actions and one-stop-shop support to local entrepreneurs to help them develop their innovative ideas.

On a regional level, CISE is a privileged partner of the Union of Chambers of Commerce in Emilia Romagna (Unioncamere Emilia Romagna) in the design and implementation of projects in the field of technological and organisational innovation.

EXPERIENCE in the field of CSR

Since 2000 CISE has been an accredited auditors training body and certification body for the SA8000 standard.

This experience in the field of voluntary certification of social accountability has enabled CISE to design and develop actions to support the up-take of CSR by SMEs. In particular, CISE runs the Impresa Etica mark and system geared to SMEs to support them in continuously improving their CSR management. Impresa Etica is a flagship initiative of a protocol signed by public authorities, business associations and trade unions to support ethics in business.

Impresa Etica works as a mark-awarding system based on monitoring process shared by stallholders (continuous monitoring by means on an on-line web-base platform)  and certification professionals (performing on-site audits on a sample of certified facilities).

Experience with SA8000 also inspired the development (in cooperation with the City of Frascati, Italy and local trade unions) of the Lavoro Etico – Cantieri Pubblici certification applying to public authorities managing their tender and monitoring procedure of construction works according to principles of social accountability.

Recently, CISE re-edited its Guide to CSR – the SA8000 standard, that was initially published as the output of a EU project co-funded by Budget Heading B3-4000 (2002/2003).

A great deal of efforts has been funneled in the design and development of a new responsible innovation management standard called UGO. UGO is a standard to be implemented by enterprises gearing their R&D and innovation processes to improving quality of life. Companies implementing the standards are awarded the Mark UGO, upon severe on-field control and periodical surveillance.


In promoting CSR, CISE focuses on

CSR as a competitive driver:

  • By providing tools to integrate CSR in enterprises’ strategies and daily processes, from management to production to distribution;
  • By providing reliable and cost-effective CSR monitoring systems,
  • By providing means of effective communication of CSR-consistent behaviours.

vas key element in pursuing sustainable development:

  • By providing tools to integrate CSR and social accountability in innovation processes.


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